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πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hi friends,

One of the many reasons I love the creators' online community that I now call my tribe is their transparency when it comes to making income from their content creation.

They don't do it out of braggadocio but rather to inspire others and emphasize that earning a living from something you love is more than doable.

That's the overall spirit of this community. They are open, honest, positive, and want the best for their fellow creators.

One example is creator Zulie Rane, whom I discovered recently and became obsessed with her content.

For example, in this video, she does a live "Medium income reveal" in which she opens her Medium partner program profile and shows viewers that she earned over $2,000 in one month from writing on Medium. Not too shabby.

So I want to follow in these creators' footsteps and reveal how much I earn from some writing projects. While most of my writing income comes from writing in publications and providing content for brands, I still need to crack the code for making income from my essays.

I recently started publishing on Medium, and I was surprised that I made a few cents. Here is a screenshot showing me how much I made last month.




I know it might be laughable for some, 16 cents is just pennies, but for me, it's a validation that being a content creator is the right choice. The road is long and hard but it takes passion, consistency, and belief in yourself.

Question to you: Are you willing to be completely open and transparent about your finances?​

Meanwhile, building on my 25-year-experience of freelance writing, where I was published in top-tier publications such as The Washington Post, Elle, Esquire, Nature, Aljazeera, I'm running a free workshop on how to create a customized pitch that will grab the attention of editors and get you a byline in publications across the globe.

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Keep creating!


πŸ–ΌοΈ Photo of the week


I have been under the weather this week, so I did a lot of cuddling with my bestie while reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This book is blowing my mind.

🀩 Things that wowed me

πŸ“Ή YouTube: This video by creator Casey Neistat titled "Do What you can't" really pumped me up and reemphasized my love for being a creator. "To my fellow creators, keep creating."

🧡 Thread: This writer is compiling a self-edit check list. The replies to her thread are a gem.

πŸ“œ Quote: This golden quote by Steven Pressfield in The War of Art really resonated with me: β€œIt’s not the writing part that is hard. What's hard is sitting down to write.”

πŸ“š Book: If you are looking for a fast-paced, edgy thriller, then I recommend The Wives by Tarryn Fisher which I have recently finished. The twist at the end was unexpected.

✍🏻 Freelance writing: This is a great essay by writer Kate Boogaard on how to raise your freelancing rates.

✍🏻 Content creation

In the past week, I wrote the following essay:

Are you looking for a content writer for your company's blog or publication? Let's chat. Email me at:​

πŸ“Ή The YouTube experiment

I I had a great time chatting with author Teri M Brown about her novel Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, which is told from the perspective of three Ukrainian women.

We discussed the following topics:
❇️ Who can tell the story?
❇️ How current events can affect your book lunch plans.
❇️ Self-publishing Vs. traditional publishing Vs. hybrid publishing.

πŸ“Ή Watch the interview below πŸ‘‡πŸ½


video preview


🎧 And if you are on the go, and prefer to listen to the interview then I got your back. The interview is also available as a podcast on my channel Read and Write with Natasha here.

πŸ‘πŸΌ Recommended by yours truly

  • I have been using Hypefury to schedule and create tweets and it has been life-changing. They have tools to inspire you to write new tweets that resonate with your audience. I have already increased my followers by 100 in a few weeks. Highly recommended.​
  • The voice memo recording app Otter has been a game-changer for me. I use it every time a new idea strikes. When I'm walking, washing the dishes, folding laundry. I record thoughts, essay ideas, business ideas. It converts my thoughts into text that I can immediately save in my info capture system (Evernote, Notion, Apple Notes, etc) Highly recommended.​
  • If you’re thinking about joining the online writing course Ship 30 for 30, in April I have an affiliate link. I took Ship 30 for 30 last year and it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, joined new communities, and increased my Twitter followers. I enjoyed it so much, that I'm taking it for a second time. Two thumbs up!.
  • One app that I have been using on a daily basis and becoming an integral part of my content creation process is Brain FM, an online music platform that helps you get in the "flow", and do the tasks that require deep work. The good news is that Brain FM is offering readers of this newsletter a 20% discount. Just click here, subscribe, and get your discount.

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